I came across in Korp (2006) article, ‘Health on the Internet: implications for health promotion’ which looks at health promotion via the internet while looking at both the benefits and drawbacks. One interesting concept I came across in the article was how access to information about health issues creates an environment in which individuals feel empowered to live a healthy lifestyle. Empowerment within health promotion is defined by the WHO (1989) as, “the idea of a process that enables people to increase control over, and to improve, their health”.  This made me draw upon questions I want to answer in my research. The internet provides a wealth of information and allows individuals to connect with one another in matters that may be important for health and in this aspect the internet can act as a empowerment tool.


1)    How accessible is the internet in developing nations such as southen Africa? Is it truly a viable option for health promotion? Would it empower youth and individuals to seek answers to their health questions that may otherwise go unanswered (or wrongfully answered by family and friends who hold strong views on health issues such as HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases)

2)    Could the internet allow a safe ground for HIV positive people to connect and support one another?