An article published by Ghana Business News (2010) which came out sunday June 9th 2012 discuses outcomes from ehealth conference in Nirobi Kenya in May and uses Uganda as an example of an African country which has had success from small ehealth start ups. One innovation is a text message service which health centers can use to report when lifesaving drugs are not available which increases the availability of drugs, improve transparency and accountability by making sure patients and clients can report drug stock outs without having to actually physical go to the clinic (saving people time and congestion at clinics).

Another service is U-report which collect citizen feedback through via data collection on the mobile divice which aims to improve the delivery of health services. According to the World Bank Uganda has more then 50 piolet project on the go. This article brings up the issue that piolet projects need to be able to speak to each other if they do not want to remain in the piolet stages forever.